Hello! My name is Ileana and I'm an Argentinian-Spanish illustrator who lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal. Thanks for visiting my shop! 

In illustration I found my own language: a creative way to communicate experiences and connect with other people. Drawing often takes me to my best childhood memories, that is probably the reason why my images are so optimistic. You will easily find my characters peacefully enjoying a swim, a book or a walk. By coincidence, both my characters and I enjoy the same activities :) Time, love and nature are recurring themes for me.

I also enjoy printing my own illustrations using my two favourite techniques: screen-printing and risography. In both of these techniques, the colours are printed one at a time in successive layers and few inks can be combined to create a variety of colours. It’s a very entertaining challenge to conceive the images this way.

While riso printing is a semi-automatic process using a risograph, screen-printing is a beautiful entirely manual process. On one hand, the riso lets you play with the saturation of each colour and gives a very characteristic and rich texture to every print. It is also a very sustainable process; the inks are soy-based! On the other hand, screen-printing allows you to use a wide variety of inks and combine them as you like. And it’s also suitable for printing using other flat support materials besides paper like textiles or even wood!

Both of these techniques fill my work with bright and vivid colors and their crafted and unpredictable nature add a lot of charm to the result: every print is slightly different from every other from the same edition and, therefore, unique.